Frequently Asked Questions


What is Heroic Social?
Heroic Social is a 3rd party Twitter application that helps you manage your Twitter account with tools such as following back your followers, tracking unfollowers, viewing recent followers and unfollowers, copying the followers of other accounts, following people who are most likely to follow back, welcoming new followers with personalized tweets (opt-in only), and helping to promote and grow your account.
Is this related to other services with similar names and domains?
No. There are other tools out there in the same product space with similar names, but we are unrelated to them.
Why should I use this service over the others?
Our service provides more features than many other services, especially when comparing the free versions, and we think our interface happens to be exceptional. We're adding features every week making it easier and faster for you to manage your Twitter account.
How much does this cost?
We have a VERY functional free plan that is supported by ads. So you're more than welcome to try out the free plan as long as you'd like. If you'd like more benefits and features, we have plans ranging from $9 to $49 per month to take you to the next level.
Can I use multiple Twitter accounts with one account at Heroic Social?
Yes! While our free plans only allow 1 Twitter account, our upgraded plans increase this limitation significantly. However, you are always able to create several accounts if you'd like, one for each Twitter account. It's just easier to switch between them if they're linked together.
Is there an iPhone/Android app for Heroic Social?
Not yet, but if we get enough demand for it, we'll certainly put some resources into it. At the moment our site is very friendly on mobile devices and our users are happy with it as a web application.

Following / Unfollowing

I (un)followed someone on this site but nothing happened on Twitter, why?
There could be a number of reasons it can appear a follow or unfollow you perform here didn't get sent to Twitter. If you've hit some Twitter limit, there's nothing we can do about that. However, we do stagger the follow and unfollow requests we send to Twitter because of the rate limits imposed on applications. So if you rapid fire follow 100 accounts in a minute, we don't instantly send those to Twitter because many of them will be rejected. Rather, we'll be spread them out over the next hour or so (the more follows you perform, the longer period they'll be spread out over).
Can I see when I followed people that aren't following me back?
You sure can! On the Non Followers page, below each user shows our best approximation of when you followed them. There are 2 limitations to this - we cannot determine when you followed users before signing up at Heroic Social and it's only accurate down to, at worst, a 1 day precision since we automatically synchronize your account with Twitter every day.
How many people can I (un)follow every day?
Accounts on our Free plan are limited to 100 daily follows and 100 daily unfollows. This is mainly intended to protect our users from what Twitter would consider "follower churn." Our limits are more in place to prevent users from getting flagged by Twitter than they are to artificially limit your account. In our opinion, 100 follows each day is enough for most operations. If more is desired these limits are lifted in the paid plans, but be aware that Twitter has automated monitoring services for users who follow/unfollow too much.


Can I follow back all of my followers?
Yes you can, quickly and easily. The "Follow Back" page lists all of the users that follow you that you do not currently follow back. Since we remove them instantly as you follow them, you can follow back dozens of users in a matter of seconds.
Can I unfollow people who don't follow me back?
Of course you can, we keep track of all of your "non-followers" for you to unfollow. One of the great things about this feature is that we show you how long it's been since you followed these users. For example, you don't necessarily want to unfollow someone who doesn't follow you that you just followed yesterday. This enables you to give users as much time as you'd like to follow you back before you give them the boot.
Who followed me recently?
A common question on social media, you can see who followed you recently on the Recent Followers page.
Who unfollowed me recently?
A even more common question, you can see who unfollowed you recently on the Recent Unfollowers page. Note that we can only start tracking these after you've signed up at our site so give us a day or so to monitor for unfollowers.
What is the Whitelist?
If there are some Twitter accounts that are unlikely to follow back but you want to keep following, you can hide them from the Non Followers list by clicking the Whitelist button for these users. Manage your Whitelist from the menu to view and/or remove users from this list.
How do I copy the followers of another user?
An absolute favorite feature of our users is our Copy Followers feature. Look up the followers of any other Twitter account (such as your competitors) and find some of them to follow. Using our advanced filters you're able to find exactly the type of users you want to follow you. And, since you can filter by follow back rate, you're able to find users who are likely to follow back. Note that the number of followers of other accounts that you can look up is limited based on your plan. With the free plan you can look up 500 followers of another user at a time.
How can I find interesting users to follow?
Our User Search feature is an incredibly powerful way to find interesting users for you to follow. Just enter a search term, load users into the table, and utilize our Advanced Filters to find precisely the resulting users that you want to follow.


Where can I edit my automation settings?
After logging in, select the Automation page from the menu. From here you can configure your settings for daily stats, auto mentions, and welcoming new followers.
What do the "Email Daily Follower Stats" include?
If you have daily email stats enabled on the automation page, we'll email you a brief summary of the previous 24 hours, including your current followers and following counts, and the number of new followers and unfollowers in that time.
How can I turn on/off tweeting my daily follower stats?
Tweeting of daily follower stats can be disabled at any time by disabling the checkbox labeled "Tweet Daily Follower Stats" on the Automation page.
How do I set up direct messages to be sent to my new followers?
From the Automation page, select the checkbox labeled "Automatically send welcome Direct Message to new followers". After doing this, an input box will be shown allowing you to enter direct message text. This message will be sent to your new followers (hard limit of 25 per day to prevent spamming your followers).
How do I disable auto direct messages to my new followers?
From the Automation page, deselect the checkbox labeled "Automatically send welcome Direct Message to new followers". While any direct messages you currently have queued from your last synchronization could still be sent in the next few minutes, they will be disabled from that point on.
How do I welcome my followers with a tweet?
One of the best ways to strike up a conversation and engage your new followers is with a simple welcome tweet. You can set these up on the Automation page by selecting the checkbox labeled "Automatically send welcome Tweet to new followers". Several settings will then be shown for you to configure your welcome tweets.
Can I mention more than one user in each welcome tweet?
Yes. On the Automation page, select the box labeled "Multiple Users per Tweet" to fit as many usernames as possible into each welcome tweet that gets sent.
Can I limit the number of welcome tweets that get sent out every day?
Sure, we understand you don't want your timeline full of just welcome tweets. So you're able to limit this to just sending out a few each day if you'd like. Just enter a number in the field labeled "Max total number of auto welcome tweets per day" on the Automation page. Note that we have a built in limit of 15 welcome tweets per day.
Can I add a delay in between each welcome tweet for my account?
Yes. Our welcome tweets offer many more configuration options than other services. From the Automation page, you can enter a number of minutes to wait between sending each welcome tweet up to a maximum of 1 hour. Note that this is a Bronze+ feature and defaults to 2 minutes.
What are the welcome tweet templates and how do they work?
If you're sending out several welcome tweets per day to new followers, chances are you want to change things up a bit to get some real engagement. Setting up welcome tweet templates allows you to do this. If you add several templates, each time we send a welcome tweet to new followers of yours, we'll select one at random to be used.
Why do I need to put {username} in my welcome tweet templates?
To mention new followers, those followers' Twitter usernames must be in the tweet somewhere. Instead of forcing it to the beginning, you can place this anywhere in the tweet that you'd like by adding {username} in your template. If you have multiple users per tweet enabled, this will be replaced with as many usernames as we can fit into one tweet. For example, a template of "Hey {username}, thanks for following me!" will become "Hey @HeroicSocialApp, thanks for following me!" if @HeroicSocialApp follows you.

Advanced Filters

What do the filters do?
Filters allow you to micro manage and pinpoint exactly the type of users you want to follow or unfollow. Want to only follow English-speaking users with at least 200 followers, a follower ratio close to 1 (likely to follow back) that have real profile pictures and have tweeted in the last 3 days? Simple, just add your filters and you'll get what you're looking for. Want to hide users you've unfollowed in the past so you don't follow them again? You can do so with the check of a box. There are plenty of filters to choose from to help you find exactly the tweeters you are looking for.
On which pages can I filter out users?
At the time of this writing we have advanced filters implemented for the Copy Followers feature and the All Following feature. It will be added to several other pages soon but we thought these were the most important to get started with. They'll help you find the right kind of users to follow and help you unfollow users you want nothing to do with.
Why does it take so long to lookup followers on pages that have filters available?
In order to use the filters, we need to lookup all of the users from Twitter first and load them into a table. Since Twitter only allows looking up 100 users at a time, we have to make several hits to Twitter's server depending on how many users you are looking up. So it takes a few seconds to load and analyze all of the data before you can use the filters on it.
Can I save my filters that I set up for a page?
Yes! We found yourselves using the exact same set of filters on a page all the time, so we made it so that the filters save automatically. Add any filter to a page and the next time you load the page, it'll be applied immediately. Be aware of this so that if you lookup users and the table is empty, you may have filters on such that none of the looked up users pass them.
Why are my saved filters different on each page?
Chances are you're looking for different types of users on each page. For example, on the Copy Followers page you're probably looking for active users that have good follower ratios for you to follow. On the All Following page, you could be looking for inactive users with egg profile pictures to unfollow. Because of this, we decided to keep the filters separate and save them automatically per table.
Why aren't there filters available on every page?
We're working on adding the advanced filters for other pages, such as the Follow Back page so you can selectively follow back your new followers. We will send out announcements as these get implemented.


Can I earn money with Heroic Social?
Absolutely! We're more than happy to share the commission for paid members that you refer. All you have to do is share your custom link that can be accessed from the Affiliate page after logging in. Come back to this page to see users that you've referred and your current commission balance.
Is there a way to see who I've referred as an affiliate?
We want our affiliates to be able to see how they're doing with referring users so on the Affiliate page there's a table showing all of the users that you've referred. If any of them upgrade to a paid plan, you'll get 30% of their payments for life.
What is the commission structure?
We currently offer 30% commission on all payments for the life of the subscription for users that you refer. So if you refer 100 users who sign up for the Professional plan at $19/mo, you'll earn $570 per month every month for as long as they stay subscribed. For users that refer large amounts of users, we're certainly willing to come up with a custom plan.
Can I withdraw my affiliate balance?
You can request a withdrawal of your affiliate balance once your balance reaches at least $20. Payments will be made to the PayPal account that you specify at the time.
How do I already have $10 affiliate balance?
As an incentive for users to promote our service and make money, we automatically credit all affiliates with a $10 to start. Since the minimum required to withdraw is $20, all you need to do is earn $10 and commission and it gets doubled. This is just one way of saying thanks to our affiliates.


What do I gain from upgrading my account?
Upgrading your account helps bring your account to the next level. You will get increased daily follows and unfollows, more lookups so you can find more quality users to follow to help you grow, the ability to add link Twitter accounts with one plan at Heroic Social, advanced filters, and much more. Check out our Upgrade page to see all of the benefits spelled out for each plan.
What are daily follows and unfollows?
Accounts on our Free plan are limited to 100 daily follows and 100 daily unfollows. Our paid plans allow more daily follows and unfollows from each of your Twitter accounts.
What are lookups?
Lookups are the maximum number of users you are able to lookup when loading users for the Copy Followers or All Following pages. With a Free plan, you are only able to lookup a maximum of 500 users at a time for you to analyze and manage. This number increases with each tier of our paid plans.
How can I pay for an upgrade?
We accept all major credit cards through Stripe for upgrading your account.
How much do the paid plans cost?
Since we occasionally offer sales and discounts, we'll refer you to check out the Upgrade page after signing in. But our plans generally range anywhere from $9 to $49 per month with several options in between.
How do I cancel my upgrade plan?
You can either contact us on live chat to cancel.


How can I contact Heroic Social?
We're usually on live chat during normal business hours Monday - Friday from 8am to 5pm EST. Otherwise, leave us a message there or tweet to us at @HeroicSocialApp and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.